Notekeeper for Nokia N9


Notekeeper is a note-taking application for the Nokia N9 that syncs to the Evernote cloud service. It's currently the only working full-fledged Evernote client for the Nokia N9.


Evernote is a popular cloud service for taking and storing notes. There are officially developed Evernote clients for many platforms. For the Nokia N9, there exists an Evernote Sharing Plugin published by Nokia that helps to add stuff to Evernote, but it's not really an Evernote client application. For example, the Evernote Sharing Plugin cannot be used to browse, read or edit your Evernote notes, and you can not use it when there's no Internet connectivity.

Enter Notekeeper. Notekeeper is a third-party Evernote client for the Nokia N9. Notekeeper was initially released for Symbian, but has since then been ported to Meego-Harmattan.


  • Access all notes, notebooks and tags in your Evernote account
  • Edit your notes
    • Full text editing for plain text notes
    • Appending text only for rich text notes
  • Create and edit notes when offline, and synchronize with the Evernote server later, when Internet connectivity is available
  • Attachments
    • Viewing images in notes; adding images to notes
    • Viewing note attachments (PDFs, audio); adding attachments to notes
  • Offline access for notes marked 'Favourites' and for notes in 'Offline Notebooks'
  • Ability to add URLs and files from other N9 apps that support the 'Share' option
  • Optional dark color scheme



This set contains screenshots of the app for most of the usage scenarios. All screenshots in this set use the default color scheme.

Sample images (click to enlarge):

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Last updated: Jan 03, 2013

Screenshots with dark color scheme:

This set contains screenshots when the app is using the dark color scheme. Screenshots of logging into Evernote are not included in this set because those screens are designed to always use the default color scheme.

Sample images (click to enlarge):

Contents: 34 images, 480 x 854 pixels each, PNG format
Last updated: Jan 03, 2013

Development notes

Notekeeper is developed using Qt 4.x. This technology is what enables Notekeeper to have a common code base for both Symbian and Meego operating systems.

Notekeeper uses OAuth for authenticating with Evernote. It uses the Evernote Cloud API and the Evernote C++ SDK to access the notes data in the user's Evernote account.

The first release of Notekeeper for the N9 debuts at v2.0 because it's a direct port of Notekeeper for Nokia Belle v2.0. Future updates are planned for both Symbian and Meego at more or less the same time, and version numbers will be kept in sync for both platforms.


For further information or media, please contact the author of Notekeeper at: roop at forwardbias dot in.

This page was last updated on Jan 05, 2013.